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In this blog you will learn about How to Install WordPress on Localhost or Xamp Server locally on your PC. First of all Lets Know a letter bit about WordPress.

What is WordPress

What is WordPress? WordPress is the simplest, most popular way of creating your awesome and responsive blogs and websites. Al most 38% of the world wide websites are on WordPress that shows the power of WordPress in this era. According to a survey almost two out of four websites are on WordPress.

Why WordPress

Why WordPress ? it is an open-source content management system licensed under GPLv2, it means that anyone can use and modify the content of WordPress software for free. A content management system is basically a tool that helps us to easily manage the important aspects of your website or blogs. The end result is that WordPress makes easy to build a website accessible to all over the world even people aren’t developers.

WordPress Installation on Localhost

How to Install WordPress on your Localhost or on control panel of any hosting provider company is often considered the first step in any WordPress website development process.

In this tutorial, we will install WordPress locally on Xampp(offline server).

Steps to Install WordPress

  1. Go to and download xamp server and install it. Xamp is a Local server that runs Locally on your own operating system.

2. After Installation of xampp server open it and start both Apache and Mysql as shown in figure.

3. Go to and click on Get WordPress Button.

WordPress Installation Download WordPress
WordPress Installation Download WordPress

4. After that click on Download WordPress Button and Downoload it.

5. Go to Xampp Installation folder ( in my case it is in E:\Xamp\) and find htdocs folder and create a new folder named My_Blog.

6. Copy the download file of WordPress that you download and extract it in My_Blog folder. After Extracting it looks like.

7. Open your browser and type localhost/phymyadmin and press Enter and follow the steps 1,2 and 3 and create a new database is our case our database name is “wordpress”.

8. Type localhost/My_Blog on your browser tab and Press Enter and click on Let’s Go Button.

9. After that click on “Run the Installation Button”.

10. Now write Database Name “wordpress” that we already created and Username root that is default and password is blank by default and click on submit button.

11. Now Write site title, username, password and your email is Text Boxes.

12. Congratulation! You have successfully installed your wordpress on Localhost | Xampp. Click on Log In Button.

13. Type Username and Password that you write in step 11 and click on Log In Button.

14. Your WordPress Dashboard is Ready to Customize your first WorsPress Website.

15. Now Your Website is ready. Please have a look on your website by typing “localhost/My_Blog” on browser tab.

16. Wanted to See how may dtabase tables are created after installation of WordPress? Simply type “localhost/phpmyadmin” and select wordpress database and you see that almost 12 databse tables are created.


Your WordPress is successfully installed on your localhost or Xampp server locally on your Windows Operating System.

Installing WordPress locally on your PC has an advantage of easy installation, easy customization your blog or website without establishing an internet connection to the server because your computer is a local server that provide you an advantage of customizing your site and after that you migrate your site to Live Server.


In our Next Blog you will see how to install WordPress on a Live Server(cPanel) and How to Migrate Your localhostWordPress site to Live server.

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